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Evergreen Balsam Pine Sachet Evergreen Balsam Pine Sachet 3 pack

Evergreen Balsam Pine Sachet

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$ 14.00

Evergreen Balsam Pine Sachet 3 pack

Product Detail:

Our Evergreen Pine Sachet is filled with fragrant dried balsam pine tree petals and smell just like a fresh evergreen or pine tree. Great to make the nooks and crannies of your house smell just like a secluded cabin. Great for closets, drawers, and bathrooms. It is also wonderful to toss in your dryer to give a clean and refreshing pine scent to your clothes and sheets. This sachet makes a great party favor or small gift for a friend. They also make a great wedding favor or bridal shower favor. Often brides take out of packaging and place one per setting. These Evergreen Pine Sachets come three to a set. Each muslin bag is screenprinted with a green pine tree on the front. It's about 2 3/4 by 4" with pull ties.