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Selenite Semitranslucent Raw Crystals & Minerals

Selenite Semitranslucent

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$ 8.00

Raw Crystals & Minerals

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Selenite Semi-translucent Chips 1 1/2" To 3" Selenite is a hydrous calcium sulfate mineral, tubular in shape with striations running along its length. Selenite forms in evaporative clay beds and hot springs and can be found in Mexico, South America, USA, Australia and Madagascar. Corresponding Astrological Sign: Taurus Said to be the "Stone of Mental Clarity," Selenite is thought to be a bringer of light. Selenite crystals are used for angelic or spirit guide connection. Selenite is believed to have the ability to scan the body for disease or malfunction, pinpointing what areas may need attention. The stone itself is also thought to have the ability to clear etheric blockages so one can gain knowledge on how to move forward toward a cure.