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Blue Kyanite Blade Rough Raw Crystals & Minerals

Blue Kyanite Blade Rough

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Raw Crystals & Minerals

Product Detail:

Blue Kyanite Blade Rough 1'' To 3'' Blue Kyanite is a grounding crystal, which both opens and aligns all the chakra. Blue Green Kyanite balances yin yang energies. Blue Green Kyanite stimulates psychic development on all levels, and is useful for beginners, as it also protects. Blue Kyanite will aid meditation and communication with guides. Blue Green Kyanite helps with dream analysis and insight. Blue Green Kyanite assists with making decisions. Blue Kyanite helps to reduce stress, is deeply calming, alleviates anxiety and fears. Blue Kyanite helps to stabilise the adrenals. Blue Kyanite can help to reduce fever. Blue Kyanite helps to relieve pain. Blue Kyanite is useful in reducing blood pressure.