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Black Tourmaline Orgone Pendulum With Chakra Beads On Chain Raw Crystals & Minerals

Black Tourmaline Orgone Pendulum With Chakra Beads On Chain

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$ 25.00

Raw Crystals & Minerals

Product Detail:

These beautiful orgone pendulums are amazing energy carriers that were crafted in India, with silver plated metal and natural stone, that contain the universal syllable OM on the stone and Chakra beads on the chain. OM is a mantra that represents the source of all light, wisdom and love. Pendulums are splendid tools for tuning with intuitive powers and divine guidance; they can be used to receive and transmit information from higher guidance, guardian angels and spiritual teachers. Tourmaline - The most common species of tourmaline is schorl accounting for 95% or more of all tourmaline in nature. Tourmaline has a variety of colors and can be found in multicolored crystals. Hardness: 7 to 7.5 Origin - Occur in granite, pegmatites and in metamorphic rocks that can be found in Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Kenya, India, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam and USA Metaphysical - Black tourmaline is considered to be the most powerful protection stone and it is used as a grounding stone that provides a connection between the Earth and the spirit. Tourmaline is also known as the only stone that can help heal on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.